15 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

Can You Smoke Herbal Tea?

Since smoking laws have tightened up, more people are looking for noncombustible ways to get their “fix”. This trend has given rise to herbal blends which can provide energy boost, mood enhancer or even induce highs when smoked. Tea is an immensely popular drink, yet few consider it as an option for getting high. But […]

2 mins read

Can You Have Herbal Tea While Fasting?

As fasting has gained increasing recognition for its health benefits, many are uncertain how best to incorporate it into their diets. One question frequently asked about fasting is “Can I drink herbal tea while fasting?” Answering this question depends on the type of fasting that you are undertaking. While intermittent and juice fasting are relatively […]

2 mins read

Can Dogs Drink Herbal Tea?

Answering the question, can dogs drink herbal tea?, is dependent upon both type and quantity consumed. While most herbal teas can be safely administered to dogs in moderation, it’s wise to become acquainted with what ingredients are contained in each tea so as to make informed decisions regarding its inclusion in your pet’s diet. It […]

3 mins read

Is Forex Trading a Pyramid Scheme?

Forex trading has quickly become an exciting hobby for investors, and many traders make good profits off their trades. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful enough when trading forex you could fall prey to fraudulent dealers; Giambrone & Partners specialize in helping victims of fraudulent traders recover millions in investments that were misappropriated or scammed out […]