26 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

What States Allow Online Gambling

Legality of online gambling varies between states; while some have fully embraced it, others have prohibited it altogether. New Jersey is an especially popular location for sports betting fans looking to wager on their favorite teams and events; however, this state also has specific stipulations in place which it’s essential to understand before placing bets. […]

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Does Medicaid Pay For Home Health Care?

Home health care can be an excellent way to support older or infirm individuals in staying independent, safe and healthy in their own homes. Unfortunately, however, home health care can often be costly, reaching $15,000 monthly for 24-hour care for a single individual. These costs could quickly exhaust their assets. Medicaid can provide many people […]

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Does Medicaid Cover Home Health Care?

Home health care provides essential services, including skilled nursing care, occupational and physical therapy services and assistance with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, housekeeping and laundry. Home healthcare services are typically delivered by licensed medical professionals under an individual physician plan of care. Medicaid often covers home healthcare under its regular program (also […]

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New York City’s Garment District

New York City is well-renowned as an epicenter of fashion worldwide. Long considered the capital of fashion, its Garment District serves as an incubator for many top designers who began their careers here. Today it remains home to numerous showrooms and fashion-related businesses as well as being an attractive tourist and local attraction alike. The […]

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Where to Buy Poker Machines

When purchasing a poker machine, it’s advisable to shop from a trusted retailer or distributor. A dealer with experience will offer machines which have been thoroughly serviced and priced according to condition and value. Consumer-to-consumer sites such as Craigslist may offer machines at different prices but you run the risk of purchasing something that either […]

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Does Mexico Have Universal Health Care?

Mexico boasts an effective healthcare system, providing affordable care to most Mexican citizens. Unfortunately, funding remains a significant hurdle despite efforts by the current administration to boost healthcare spending; even so, this has not been sufficient to address inequities within healthcare. Moreover, medical professional shortages remain an acute problem with only 2.85 physicians and nurses […]