26 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

New York City’s Garment District

New York City is well-renowned as an epicenter of fashion worldwide. Long considered the capital of fashion, its Garment District serves as an incubator for many top designers who began their careers here. Today it remains home to numerous showrooms and fashion-related businesses as well as being an attractive tourist and local attraction alike. The […]

2 mins read

Florida Lottery Announces New Gold Rush Scratch-Off Game

Florida Lottery players stand the chance of winning millions with just one scratch-off ticket! There are currently nine $5 Million Gold Rush Limited tickets and 26 $1 Million prizes still up for grabs across the state, plus numerous smaller prizes from $20-100,000. Additionally, Gold Rush features an added bonus play feature which gives players another […]

2 mins read

Do All Cryptocurrencies Have a Finite Supply?

Money comes in two varieties — precious metals like gold and fiat currencies that derive their value from being backed by governments. Cryptocurrencies represent a third form of money: digitally stored and transferrable without central authorities or bank middlemen – these characteristics make cryptocurrencies attractive to investors looking for mediums of exchange and stores of […]

2 mins read

How to Make a Payment on Discover Card

Discover provides many convenient payment methods to meet the demands of credit card payment, from online, phone and electronic check payments to automatic billing options to help manage debt more easily. Staying on top of payments is essential in avoiding late fees and keeping credit card debt under control. How long does it take to […]

1 min read

Where to Buy Poker Machines

When purchasing a poker machine, it’s advisable to shop from a trusted retailer or distributor. A dealer with experience will offer machines which have been thoroughly serviced and priced according to condition and value. Consumer-to-consumer sites such as Craigslist may offer machines at different prices but you run the risk of purchasing something that either […]

2 mins read

How Many Forex Trading Days in a Year

Forex trading is an increasingly popular method of investment and income generation, providing 24-7 opportunities to trade on the open market. Although each year can differ depending on factors like trading volume and seasonal fluctuations, we will explore what trading days mean and their effect on markets along with strategies traders can employ to maximize […]