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Why Are There Snipers at Sporting Events?

are there snipers at sporting events

While it might not have the same impact as Bane’s scene in The Dark Knight Rises where he collapses an entire football stadium in one shot, major events typically feature a strong security presence due to their mass viewership and attendance by celebrities or influential people from around the globe. Most sports arenas feature “sniper’s nests”, where police snipers can observe crowd behaviour from above.

Police snipers train hard to be able to hit targets from long range with precision and accuracy, as well as stealth movement, land navigation and demolitions skills, along with speaking multiple languages. Their training includes physical conditioning and firearms work – so much so that snipers are highly esteemed within law enforcement agencies; yet even once trained sniper instructors stress the importance of always double checking targets before firing in public gatherings or situations with high volume targets.

At State Farm Stadium in Arizona for this year’s Super Bowl, snipers were deployed as part of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). These special operations team members provided overwatch and responded swiftly and decisively in case of critical incidents such as an active shooter threat or hostage situation during games. HSI trained these snipers with firearms, defensive tactics and helicopter rope suspension techniques in preparation for deployment at an overwatch position during games.

TacFlow Academy, an advanced police sniper course, provided training to all of the snipers at this event. TacFlow’s courses aim to aid law enforcement agencies protect public venues from terrorist acts and other threats; its courses take place across multiple public venues across the US and have become the standard in venue protection training for police sniper courses.

Outside their classroom and field training, snipers conduct extensive pre-work before covering any facility for an event. This may include conducting a thorough inspection, including inspecting possible danger zones such as exposed propane tanks or places that store ammonia nitrate fertilizer.

At first, they will draft and review a comprehensive venue protection plan with their commanding officers, as well as identify suitable overwatch positions to train at. Finally, they are also required to conduct various drills that mimic scenarios that might arise at an event.

As for the photos that surfaced a few years ago at a Super Bowl event, they were swiftly taken down following backlash, yet still showed an Indianapolis SWAT officer aiming a weapon with his hand, possibly an Alamo Four Star DCLW tripod and custom-built Remington M700 chassis with custom grips attached.