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See What Sporting Events Are Happening Today

what sporting events are happening today

See what sporting events are taking place today and discover the most convenient way to watch them on television or streaming media. This daily updated guide features details on where to locate sports events on cable or satellite providers; should you make purchases through links found here, this site may receive a commission payment.

NYC is home to historic teams, world-famous venues and passionate supporters. Professional football clubs include the New York Giants and New York Jets of the NFL; MLB’s New York Yankees and Mets; NBA (Brooklyn Nets and Knicks of NBA); and NHL (New York Islanders and Rangers). Women’s sports fans also flock here – with New York Liberty from WNBA as well as NYC FC of Major League Soccer providing plenty of action-packed competition in NYC.

The Olympic Games is an international multi-sport competition held every four years at which athletes from around the globe come to compete in different sports. This unique event unites people of different continents under one symbol – Baron Pierre de Coubertin designed this iconic symbol – the Olympic rings.

The Wimbledon Championship, first played in 1877, is one of the oldest tennis tournaments worldwide and takes place every June or July at London’s All England Club in Wimbledon. Renowned for its stunning venue and exciting tournament atmosphere with elite competitors competing alongside enthusiastic spectators, it draws international attention every year.