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What States Allow Online Gambling

what states allow online gambling

Online gambling has never been more prevalent, with more states legalizing casino gaming across their borders. As these laws change regularly, it’s always wise to check current laws in your state before placing a bet – this article provides a handy snapshot of each state’s gambling regulations as well as available forms of gaming in each one.

Alaska is among the strictest states when it comes to gambling, banning all forms of casinos and online games. However, Alaska allows pari-mutuel horse race betting and state lotterie games; additionally residents can gamble in charitable bingo/pull tab games as well as daily fantasy sports bets.


Although Colorado legalized sports gambling and horse race wagering, online casino gambling remains prohibited by state law. Residents may visit one or more tribal casinos for gambling experiences but aren’t permitted to gamble through their websites or apps.

Georgia, known as “The Peach State,” recently introduced sports betting and is exploring options for online casino play; however, their legislature has traditionally been against gambling; therefore it will be interesting to see how this issue plays out over time.

Massachusetts (the Bay State) does not permit real money casino gaming; however, residents can take advantage of several alternative forms of gambling such as charitable bingo and raffles, the state lottery, riverboat casinos and online gaming which does not extend to casino-style online games.

Michigan boasts one of the nation’s most expansive iGaming markets. Alongside its 22 licensed casinos, residents can also engage in pari-mutuel betting at both on-track and off-track horse races as well as daily fantasy sports operators whose gambling operations don’t come under direct legislative control.

West Virginia

Although West Virginia doesn’t feature physical casinos, its residents have nine online casino options to choose from through popular operators such as FanDuel and Golden Nugget allowing real cash gambling with FanDuel or Golden Nugget. Furthermore, its security measures offer peace of mind to casino gaming residents in West Virginia.