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How to Get Subscription to Illinois Lottery Game Subscriptions

Subscriptions to Illinois Lottery games offer an enjoyable way to access your favorite lottery games. Available online and in Illinois lottery retailers, subscribers can purchase Lotto, Pick 3, Lucky Day Lotto subscriptions as well as use credit or debit cards when purchasing Lottery titles online.

To make Illinois Lottery purchases online, first create an account and add funds from either Visa, Mastercard, or Discover cards into your wallet. Next, visit the Games Hub to select your game before following on-screen instructions to complete your transaction – please be aware there is a $10 minimum transaction limit per purchase transaction; should any issues arise please reach out directly to your card provider for help.

Illinois Lottery is the state’s drawing game, offering players a jackpot prize starting at $2 million and growing until won. Three drawings occur each week with prizes ranging from $2 up to the jackpot prize; select six numbers between 1-50 or select Quick Pick; extra shot increases winnings up to 25 times!

Illinois Lottery players can purchase games online through this site, as well as take advantage of other useful features, including viewing past winning numbers, tracking current draw results and checking pending claims statuses. Furthermore, users may take advantage of a mobile version for added convenience.

To redeem winning tickets, users must submit a completed claim form along with images/photographs of both sides of their ticket for verification. Once this process has taken place and winnings have been allocated to users’ accounts, winnings typically arrive three to four weeks later.

If you need assistance cashing in your tickets, visit the Illinois Lottery’s website and select “When You Win”. It will guide you through the process of submitting and claiming your prize; in addition to providing an outline of prizes you could receive.

Players can set limits on the number of Fast Play tickets that can be purchased with their Illinois Lottery accounts, at any one time. They can reduce this limit any time by clicking on “Fast Play Ticket Limits” under Account Management section; however, changes take 24 hours to become effective.

Players should be aware that by creating a Players Account they are providing consent for Camelot Illinois (manager of the Illinois Lottery) and certain third-party service providers to use their personal information in a contractual relationship with the Illinois Lottery (“Third Party Service Providers”). This may include sending out promotional e-mails by these third parties. Furthermore, funds held within each Players Account remain separate from those belonging to Camelot Illinois itself but may be pooled together into pools that may be insured by FDIC-insured bank(s), collectively known as Pooled Accounts (“Pooled Accounts”).