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Is Online Gambling Legal in Texas?

As the state with arguably the most conservative culture in the United States, Texas is rather hesitant to embrace many things, including gambling laws. While the Lone Star State allows its residents to participate in the state lottery and pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing and greyhound races, it is banned from offering any other gaming options – including online ones.

While a legislative change is needed to allow for online gambling in Texas, residents are able to enjoy various social and sweepstake casinos. These offer the thrill of gambling without the risk as players can spin the reels with virtual currency, and cash out winnings for real money or other prizes. The best texas casinos also feature popular payment methods that are familiar to people from day-to-day life and are secure.

Sports betting is another popular form of online gambling. In fact, it is legal to make wagers on the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astros and other teams in the state, as long as you adhere to Texas tax laws. However, it is illegal to place wagers on sports events at offline bookies.

Despite this, the state’s leaders are not open to changing the law. While there are attempts to introduce bills that would allow for the development of online casino sites, they are not expected to pass anytime soon. It would require an amendment to the state’s constitution, and that is unlikely to happen in the near future. In the meantime, Texas citizens can visit two Native American casinos on sovereign tribal lands or take part in “cruises to nowhere” that leave from the Gulf Coast and operate within international waters where gambling is legal.