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Which States Allow Online Gambling?

which states allow online gambling

Legalization of online gambling in the US is a progressive process that continues with new gaming laws being passed regularly. Although sports betting was an early success story, casino play took longer to establish itself on American shores.

Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware were among the first US states to implement online gaming in 2013, followed by Pennsylvania, Mississippi and West Virginia a year later. Unfortunately for everyone else across the nation, real-money games are yet to become widely accessible.

Some states are reluctant to enter the online gambling market due to concerns that iGaming would lead to problem gambling and social issues; nonetheless, experts predict it will eventually spread throughout all 50 states.

Before that day comes, there are still numerous places online where you can bet on sports, horse races and casino games. If you need help finding the best casinos near you, our list below outlines top-rated sites in every state.

Which States Permit Online Gambling

The legality of online gambling in the US can be quite complex as its regulation falls to each individual state rather than federal regulations and laws. Up until recently, most jurisdictions did not permit any form of online gambling with Hawaii and Utah being exceptions; but with PASPA being found unconstitutional more states began relaxing their gaming regulations and more were beginning to permit forms of gaming such as poker.

New Jersey was the first state to legalize online casino and poker gaming in 2023, followed by Delaware and Nevada. Many other states followed suit shortly afterwards, including most recently Pennsylvania in 2023 – unlike its counterparts however, Pennsylvania has yet to open its doors for sports betting – but this is expected soon enough.

Montana and Nebraska both feature physical casinos for visitors to visit, but neither permit online gambling legally. Nebraska does however feature retail casinos as well as tribal ones where residents may legally place bets on sports events and horse races.

Mississippi does not yet provide online casino gaming; however, its 23 physical casinos more than make up for it. Missouri follows suit with residents having access to numerous in-person casinos but not online gaming; attempts have been made at legalizing such gambling as soon as possible but this legislation remains on hold at present.